Removal Tips

Some helpful advice to help you with your move

Moving house is said to be the next most stressful thing after a family member dying and you can see why – you are probably buying and selling at the same time which brings two sets of both estate agents and solicitors in to the mix with the potential to derail the whole process.

It’s far too difficult to not get too attached to your new property until it’s a done deal just in case it all falls through. Buying a house is probably the most money you’ll spend in one go, so that’s a big stress factor too.

We hope it all goes well for you with a smooth sale and purchase of your old and newhome. Once completed Chatfields Home Removals staff will be ready to move your possessions in to your new home or storage with the minimum of fuss.

Suggested checks

Here are some suggested checks you should make before your removal day…


Arrange disconnection and reconnection of the following:

  • Electric
  • Gas
  • Water
  • Telephone
  • Broadband

Postal services

Redirecting your mail makes sure it moves with you and it also ensures you don’t miss important documents like bank statements or personal documents which can help protect you from identity fraud.

Unique items

  • Organise special instructions and procedures for precious and private items


  • Check insurance details and policies and report changes

General Removal Tasks

Being organised and using forward planning will minimise the stress of moving house, so we’ve created a  moving home checklist starting six weeks before your moving day.

Six weeks in advance…

  • Confirm moving date
  • Notify landlord your moving date if applicable
  • Check home insurance
  • Get a written removals or storage quote
  • Get removal company references and check their insurance.
  • Book storage if required
  • Notify utility companies
  • Have a clearout – use eBay, charity shops, recycling, car boot sales, friends etc
  • Clear your loft
  • Hire a skip if you have a lot to clear
  • Order any new furniture, carpets etc for delivery for when you move in

Two weeks in advance…

  • Non-essential items such as books, clothes etc pack into boxes
  • De-register from doctor, dentist and optician if applicacable
  • Arrange for your post to be forwarded via Royal Mail
  • Notify regular delivery services – milk, newspaper etc.
  • Arrange for children and pets to be looked after
  • Document alarm system codes, stop and shut-off valves for new owners
  • Create a list of everyone who should know about the move
  • Send out change of address cards / ecards
  • Finalise removal day arrangements with removal company
  • Confirm arrival times and make sure removers have directions to new address
  • Arrange collection of new home keys from the estate agent
  • Notify bank of any changes to direct debits and standing orders
  • Pack boxes with care and label contents and new location

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